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Commercial Laundry

Commercial laundry service for your business. Let 3 Monkeys Laundry & Dry Cleaning focus on your laundry needs.

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Our facilities are equipped to handle your businesses dirty laundry.

Medical Facilities and Physical Therapist Offices

We understand that being clean is important. We will remove stains and keep your whites, white and sanitized.

Hair Salons and Spas

We wash towels in a hot water cycle and make sure to dry and sanitize towels properly.

Car Dealers and Detail Shops

We wash and dry micro fiber polishing/waxing clothes.

Doctor and Dentist Offices

We clean towels and lab coats to keep them looking professional.

Have a special request or don’t see your business listed? Give us a call at (860) 531-9548 or email to discuss your needs.